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Our Work

Matelco as a VNO within a large hybrid IT group, has customers ranging from public sector to private sector, whether small specialist business through to Fortune 500/FSTE 250 and central government.

We have a proven track record for delivering an independent consultative view of global networks, with best of breed service level agreements and competitive pricing - Add to this our ability to provision and supply best of breed IT, whether at the data centre, co-location, customer premises or diversified corporate working structure, including teleworkers and mobile warriors.

Customer satisfaction is key in all of this, so from the word go our focus is to deliver the knowledge, ability, support and simplicity, we all ultimately want.

Customer Testimonials
Shore Capital Stockbrokers Ltd - MPLS Project - Ed Bullock, Head of IT Strategy & Development

"We requested options for an MPLS network to replace our existing IP VPN between our 3 major UK sites. We decided to go with Matelco firstly on a recommendation, but secondly because Matelco gave us multiple options with carriers and made sensible recommendations, while other provides were trying to push specific networks on us.

I put my trust in to Matelco who certainly worked hard to have the network installed within my timeframes and kept us informed of developments along the way. I would be very happy to recommend Matelco as a service provider."

Hammersmith and West London College - Fully resilient and diversely routed WAN links project - Martin King, Head of IT Systems.

"The network is becoming increasingly important at EHWLC as we develop cloud computing and they had the right culture and people to support our network now and in the future."

University Partnerships Programme ā€“ MPLS Project ā€“ Ed Walters, Head of ICT
"Prior to moving to Matelco we were increasingly dissatisfied with the service of our existing provider. This put a very solid deadline in the programme. Matelco dealt with all of this flawlessly. Our project manager was in control throughout and the whole service was excellent. It proved to be the smoothest rollout I have ever dealt with. Subsequent support services have also been excellent. I can happily recommend their services."

Security Designs ā€“ ADSL Project - Stephen Smolak, Technical Support Manager

"Iā€™m grateful for being pointed to Matelco. I want to thank you for the excellent service you provide. The quick response to queries, the one-to-one contact and the efficient communication/updates is of great benefit to our organisation."

Ensors Chartered Accountants - MPLS Project - Martin Chapman, ICT Manager

"Matelco have been an asset to work with. They feel like full members of the team and understand the challenges we face. Throughout all their work with us they keep us continually updated of progress and take away the stress involved in migrating data links and moving premises. We couldn't ask for friendlier or more helpful people to work with."